Bending and Beyond Bending

Combining decades of knowledge in CNC Bending technology and secondary operations, NUMALLIANCE can offer a wide range of solution for Wire, Spring, Tube and Flat-Stock cold forming, to meet the ever more demanding requirements of the industry.

2D and 3D CNC Bending machine for wire, tube and flat stock

From coiled or cut-to-length Wire, Tube, Spring and Flat-Stock, basic, stainless or other type of materials.


Feed and Form : From a coil of material the machine operate bends and ultimately cut the material. Other operations can be performed in line or off line.


Multi slide : CNC Cam-less multi slide solution are the natural evolution of the mechanical multi-slide and four slide machines. Enhancements are change-over under the hour, cleaner production environment and multiple loading and in line secondary capabilities.

Tube : Expertise in the wire business helped NUMALLIANCE branching out its knowledge in other area for tube bending with the same flexibilities in tooling and a special know-how for applications with coiled material.


Flat-stock : Cross-over between press work and 2D wire bending, the same strong knowledge base is used for flat-stock solution to ensure flexibility and speed.

Secondary Operations "Beyond Bending"

Servo controlled solutions for operations "Beyond Bending"


Beyond Bending : Cold heading, coining, threading, weld, automation, 3D Control… All solutions to
transform your material is available, in line, off line or integrated in a turn- key work cell.