Industries Numalliance serves

Wire, Tube and Flat-Stock bending accross industries

NUMALLIANCE is deep rooted in the Automotive industry. The requirements of this industry -for zero-defect quality, cost-control and on time delivery is an asset to address less demanding market afterwards.

All bent wire and tube in the automotive industry has been serviced by NUMALLIANCE; door latches, seat springs and frames, headrests, structure beams, exhaust hangers or manifolds.

Other sectors are relying on NUMALLIANCE expertise : Chair Frames, Shopping Carts, Blister Holder, Point of Purchase Display, Dishwasher Rack, Stove Tops have no secret for NUMALLIANCE.

The needed secondaries specific to each of these sectors are also part of the expertise and built-in knowledge of NUMALLIANCE.

All these market are naturally global and the thousands of machines manufactured over time by NUMALLIANCE receive the same attention and support from its technicians all over the planet.

Find out our industry served in AutomotiveAir and SpaceAg - Lawn and gardenConstructionPoint of PurchaseFurniture and so on.