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Years of learning to turn mechanical machine into servo driven on has also broaden Numalliance’s  knowledge beyond bending. Whether it is through partnership with leading brand or putting in motion its “out-of-the-box” solution, Numalliance’s secondary operations are build to match highest expectation. By all means the solution will always favor limited “pollution” on the production line: limiting  chipping or excessive lubrication, reducing  at the same the footprint and energy consumption.
All application find itself at some point in time limited. Numalliance always tries to find the way flexibility will not compromise speed. With that in mind came naturally the concept of Numacell can integrate several secondary operation around a bender served by a robot.

Press Operation

Frame of “Touch and Form” series was conceived so to be able to embed most of these electric of hydraulic press. They can also be set up in line with a standard feed and form machine or fed by robotic solutions. 20 T to 100 T these presses can be either autonomous or slave to a bender.


Running indifferently basic or stainless steel, wire or tube to produce at customer’s will head, collars or both in a record cycle time, heading unit are evolving from a hydraulic plat-form to 100% electric.


With a growing pressure on cycle time, more and more operation needs to be embedded in the same work cell. Hence automation has become an important part of Numalliance’s  beyond bending operation

Other Operations

From 3D control with instant correction feed back to the machine down to the simple marking of the material,  most operations can be set up  in-line or off-line of the bending cycle