Naturally Servo Driven

In a world of limited resources NUMALLIANCE found great value in taking care of the environment. Energy saving is a constant preoccupation for NUMALLIANCE. Designing equipment geared for the right size material and that are engineered to bring the adequate amount of power where it needs to be allows us to have the most power efficient forming machinery on the market. Our most demanding standard equipment requires less than 15KvA.

The modularity of the Touch and Form Series reduces the footprint of the equipment. NUMALLIANCE’s core principle is based on the idea that it is needed to rotate around the wire, and not spend high amount of energy twisting the wire and all straightening and feeding systems that goes with it. The greater consistency and repeatability for the part produced that comes as a consequence, reduces scrap and waste, as well as set up time.

NUMALLIANCE has engineered its own gearboxes for decades, improving for speed with lighter weight arms and for accuracy with direct coupling. The intrinsic inefficiency of hydraulic, the breakage risk as well as a source of spillage, are the driver of NUMALLIANCE in using as little hydraulic as possible.

Proper engineering and design, adequate power supply and limited use of hydraulic make NUMALLIANCE Environmentally Friendly.