Values : Respectful Innovation

Innovative CNC Bending solutions, safe to operate, with ecological and social respect in mind

From its beginning in the 80’s in pioneering the CNC application for wire bending the group has made “think outside the box” more than a core value, a true way of making things happen.

To achieve the quality standard required in the automotive industry and other sectors, the Group has to be in constant evolution.


Whether they design, manufacture, assemble, test, install, sale or service machine, it goes without saying that NUMALLIANCE would not be alike, without the men and women that everyday looks at new ways to bend and going beyond bending. Like the quality machine it produces, NUMALLIANCE’s team is a finely tuned equipment that strives to deliver innovative, safe and environmentally-friendly machinery.

From Purchasing to R&D, from Sales to Production, each member of NUMALLIANCE is carefully selected to perform at its best in its function. Proud of the quality and reliability of our equipment, each member of the team is keeping customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Environmentally Friendly

The machines are engineered to deliver the best at what they are designed for. NUMALLIANCE develops its own coupling and gearboxes to reduce friction and weigh, and to maximize the load where it needs to be. Hence the optimized amount of power is used to run the equipment, make the machine the most energy efficient.

The new frame of the Touch and Form Series limit the footprint and surface required to production. The new Series using best of each technology available have more common parts which makes the production of component of the machine more efficient cost-effective, and limits the number of reference to stock as spare.

Air conditioning on electrical cabinet extends the life of the equipment, avoiding metal dust particle pollution break down, consequently limiting spare pas replacement.

Easy set-up with pre-set straighteners and Single Minute Exchange Tooling minimize down time and reduces scrap during change-over.

NUMALLIANCE tends to stay clear as much as possible from hydraulics, because of its intrinsic inefficiency but also because spillage and breakage that are in the trail of hydraulic are a source of pollution.

Real time simulation programming allows our customer to order the exact amount of material required to produce the part from the first day of the estimate. The same interface will predict the time when the production sequence will be over, so to optimize production flows or schedule part pick up.

Safe by design

Safety gate is the most visible part of the safety on our equipment, with automatic shut off when the door is open or if material hits the safety metal plate in front of the bending head.

Looking at being 100% servo driven, NUMALLIANCE’s solutions are safe by design. Limited to the power of the electrical motor, the machine will stall before it breaks, reducing the risk of shutdown.

The teach-in pendant is a standard feature on the Touch and Form Series equipment. This unique solution, whose power off the machine at the release of the button on the pendant, enables the operator to work safely while being close to the bending head.


Saying that NUMALLIANCE is prone to innovation is a weak assumption. Innovation comes through the tight relation NUMALLIANCE’s has managed to built and develop with its customer and partners.

Innovation at NUMALLIANCE is not a necessity but an “art de vivre”. Fueled by the needs of its customer, NUMALLIANCE’s engineers and technician will work together to “push the envelope”.

A CNC Cending equipment is a complex world made of clockwork mechanics, powerful electrics, state-of-the-art electronics, strung together with a thin layer of software. Lead by one of the founder of Macsoft the R&D team works restlessly to improve the efficiency of the machine, the user friendliness of the Touch and Form interface.